Service Beyond Size

Claregate Management Services Ltd. is a licensed Property Management Agent providing a full range of services under the following headings:

Residential Block Management for Owners Management Companies (OMC)

We provide a high quality property management service to Owners Management Companies (OMC’S) and we specialize in smaller apartment blocks giving a personal service, including both operational and administrative services.

Landlord Services for Individual and Consortium Investment Landlords

We provide a full Management Service to several individual Landlords and Larger Property Investment Companies. We can set up a management contract for a single property or a portfolio of properties depending on the requirements of each owner.

Commercial Property and Facility Management

Claregate offers a range of services and solutions that are custom fit to commercial property and facility requirements; regardless of customer size or contract size, we have your management solution.


Our staff are members of the SCSI and RICS and adhere to the strict codes of practice that govern the Property Management Industry.  Our PSRA Licence number is 001121.